apps in sextech — how much are they worth?

Sex and intimate relationships are important for our overall health and wellbeing and quality sex has been linked to good physical and emotional health – but finding trusted sources of information on how to enjoy ourselves in the bedroom isn’t always easy. This is where sexual wellness apps come in.

No wonder the market for sexual wellness apps is booming – and is expected to grow from $323 million in 2020 to a whopping $950 million in 2025. Let’s look at the apps that made some big news (and raised some big rounds) in the industry:

Therapeutic apps. One of the biggest groups of apps out there: therapy-based tasks for deepening intimacy and improving connections.

  • Coral – a pioneer on the market. Founded in 2018, it was aimed at making couples’ relationships more intimate and transparent. It was founded by Isharna Walsh who was looking for a way to deepen intimacy with her husband at the time by introducing expert content on relationships and sex. And then, the pandemic hit – and boom, the app got $2.5M in funding.
  • Blueheart. Another app targeted specifically at deepening relationships in couples via an in-depth assessment and professional plans for each case. The app raised over $3M in funding in 2022.

Erotic content. It’s not only porn that gets people in the mood. Here are some apps that prove that:

  • Dipsea. A collection of sex-positive audio stories for everyone out there. In total, Dipsea raised over $13M in investments and had a major brand relaunch in 2022. So, there will be more erotic stories coming!
  • Ferly – an audio guide for positive, mindful sex. Even though the founders were initially told that they would have to focus on porn to get investments, they turned it down and they were right. Ferly has acquired over $1.7M in investments and is still growing.

Apps with toys. It’s all connected now – including your phone and your sex toys. Here are some apps that are able to track down your sexual wellness with a literal toy you use:

  • Lioness: a tracker for women that comes with a toy. You can track your orgasm strength and frequency with a special vibrator that comes with the app. The app raised over $2M in investments and regularly comes up with updates and valuable studies.
  • Your Lovely – also referred to as “fitbit for sex”. An app comes with a toy that collects feedback after sex for better love life in the future. In 2017 the company was valued at $4M and keeps growing.

But what makes a startup in sextech truly successful? Stay tuned for the next post!

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