are Gen-Zers really not that into sex?

GenZers, the most controversial of all generations, are reported to be less interested in having sex. Also known as “puriteens”, GenZers are reported to have more interest in talking (and joking) about sex but less interested in actually having it. These disturbing headlines have been around since at least 2019, but in reality, what evidence is there to support them and more importantly, what are the reasons for their changed sexual behavior?

Well, we found a few and they’re surprising.

1. The evidence for GenZers having significantly (shockingly, alarmingly or any other buzz words used by the media) less intimate relationships are slim. The longitudinal study showed that less men from age 18-24 are leading an active sexual life, but no significant shift in women.

2. The pandemic seems to be one of the reasons that physical interactions have become more rare. Concerns about safety and remote work mode has led to people being less likely to literally “go out there” and find someone to spend a night with.
Decrease in mental health is also one of the factors contributing to it. According to the study by the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, depression rates increased more than 46% for people of age 18-21. And depression is known to be a contributing factor for decreased sex drive.

3. Economy is a major factor involved. With skyrocketed prices for real estate and rent, more Gen Z are staying with their parents and refusing to live on their own. Coupled with “helicopter parenting”, a trend where parents are significantly more involved in their children’s lives, lack of separation from parents can be a reason why people can’t (or don’t want to) find partners to sleep with.

Well, this all sounds depressing, you might say. Not really, because the times have changed and sexual behavior patterns adapted accordingly. Here’s how:

1) The pandemic kicked off a wave of sexual interactions like sexting and exchanging photos and videos. Those actions are not traditionally considered to be “sex” as is, but it is now an important part of people’s personal lives.

2) Gen Zers are way more careful about casual sex. University at Albany found that young American adults between the ages of 18 and 23 were having 14 percent less “casual sex” and are targeting more meaningful connections. The respondents said they turn to porn to fulfill their sexual desires.

The trends tell us that it’s not the quantity but rather quality that Gen Zers are after, and we think it’s not a bad thing at all. With the right education and tools, making your personal life better is achievable – and Quinky is here to do just that. Stay posted for our updates and we’ll be back with our updates on how we make sex-ed more accessible to everyone!
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