dating trends 2023

We’re living in times when our patterns for dating, having sex and literally everything else are changing rapidly.

And since we’re very curious and love to share, we’ve put together 5 dating trends that will for sure influence the way we find love (and sex!)

1. Dating on a budget

Inflation worldwide has gone crazy and people are reconsidering the way they date. There’s even a term for dates on a minimal budget – and it’s called infla-dating. A dating app called Plenty of Fish made a study and found out that 48% of Gen-Zers and single millennials are more likely to go on a less expensive date to see how things go before investing in something more luxe.

2. Wanderlove

The Covid lockdown reminded us about what joy it is to travel. And while we were stuck at home, some dating apps like Tinder allowed their users to change the setting to date someone even from the other end of the world. Online dating boomed and it’s no surprise that people normalized long-distance relationships. This goes in line with a study made by Bumble where they found out that one third of Bumble users are willing to travel to another city for a date. So, maybe it’s time to broaden those horizons.

3. Ethical Sexploration

In the past years the interest in looking for consensual non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships skyrocketed. In 2020 YouGov conducted a study in the US and found out that only 56% of young people think that monogamy is perfect for them – the rest are looking for other options. And even of you’re not considering an open relationship, it’s still great news for sex-positivity movement. So, here’s to more freedom and more options for a happy and fulfilled sex-life!

4. Sober dating

Millennials and Gen-Zers are reconsidering their relationships with alcohol and are actively looking for other options to have fun without drinking. A study by The National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC), states that both generations are embracing sobriety – so the entertainment industry follows suit. There’s been a significant shift in what bars serve, even establishing all “dry” venues (places you can’t drink alcohol at). The same survey claims that 34 percent of global daters are now more likely to consider going on a ‘dry date’ than they were pre-pandemic. So a workout together or a walk in the park doesn’t sound so bad after all.

5. Dating outside your regular type

Another study by Bumble (they do love those numbers!) found out that 38 percent of people around the world are now more open to who they consider dating. Why? Maybe, it’s therapy and people are ditching the old patterns that didn’t serve them well. Maybe it’s the curiosity. Maybe it’s the openness to new experiences. Whatever it may be – we’re all here for it and are excited to more diversity and dating outside the stereotypical “types”.

What are your thoughts on dating trends? Have you caught yourself falling into them or do you agree?
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