latest trends in sextech: what are they? (Pt. one)

S@xetch has always been a driver in technology, but what’s interesting to see is how the changes in trends reflect on what the society is craving in relationships at the moment.

Here are 10 most prominent trends in sextech to reflect on (part one):

1️⃣ More diversity in male sextoys. When it comes to sextoys, people with vulvas have more options (for now), but it is soon about to change. So, no more boring stuff, and cheers to cutting-edge technologies for male pleasure too!

2️⃣ Queer inclusion and gender neutrality. Gender in no longer binary, as people explore their sexuality, the spectrum gets broader. So does the range of toys and services available, and this trend is here to stay. Take for instance, VDOM, a toy designed specifically for queer women and trans men.

3️⃣ Focus on ergonomics of sex toys. Inclusivity is not only about the gender, it’s also about how to use the toys. So, it makes us very happy when we see products like Bump’n Joystick (a hands-free vibrator for people with limited mobility) or Vibio – inclusive, easy-to-use pleasure toys. Orgasm for every body, literally.

4️⃣ Variety of lubricants. Lube is no longer viewed as a substitute for natural moisture (which isn’t available for everyone, btw), but is now perceived as a fun experience. Liquid vibrators, CBD-infused products, cooling or warming products – you name it. It’s basically a toy in a bottle.

5️⃣ Long-distance toys. Since the pandemic hit us, having a long-distance relationship has become much more common. And people who aren’t physically close to each other still want to get physical. Hence, the need for tools to have fun. These toys carry the name of teledildonics (like telemedicine, but more fun), so you can proudly add that to your sex vocabulary.

Can you guess any of the other trends to come? Stay tuned for part two of the hottest trends in sex tech!
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