latest trends in sextech: what are they? (Pt. two)

As promised, we’re coming back with the other part of the latest trends in sextech as of 2023. Let’s go!

Here we’ve put together 5 reasons on why investing in sextech now is a great idea.

1️⃣ Major shift towards sensual and sensory products. As people discover the emotional side of relationships and explore more ways to give and receive pleasure, sex toys are becoming more diverse and less focused solely on genital stimulation. And this is how products like WISP come to life – toys for getting your whole body aroused.

2️⃣ Focus on sustainability. Production of sextoys and lubricants is a major industry with supply chains, logistics, packaging and other factors that have an impact on the environment. So, this is a great shift towards becoming more eco-friendly in terms of biodegradable materials, natural components and more attention to how sextoys are discarded. A major part here is also changes in female hygiene with the rise of products like menstrual cups that are multiuse and are meant to reduce waste.

3️⃣ Virtual sex events. Yes, you guessed it, the pandemic boosted the rise of virtual parties for people who want to get closer but can’t do it physically. It’s also a fun and safe option for those who would like to attend an offline sex event but are shy or not ready to do that IRL yet.

4️⃣ Safe and secure infrastructure for sex-positive businesses. As we mentioned earlier in this post, sex industry is still highly stigmatized and has lots of barriers for connecting with the consumers. So, making sure that the payments are safe and secure, the shipping of goods is swift and discreet is key to having a successful business in the pleasure industry.

5️⃣ More influencer marketing. Power to the people! Which is literally what this industry craves, wants and needs. Marketing via other channels like TV and outdoor is unavailable, so companies have to be more creative – and so they choose the people to represent their products. And it seems like, this is the way to do it.

What other trends do you think are crucial for this industry right now and what awaits us in the future? Sign off in the comments!
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