who we welcome at Quinky

When we make our content for Quinky, it’s important for us that our content is suitable for everyone. When we first started working with experts in sexual wellness, it was important for us to learn how to make the tasks, quizzes and games we offer suitable for as many groups of people as possible.

So here are 3 groups of people that our tasks are suitable for at Quinky:

1️⃣ Asexuals. Yes, Quinky is all about sexual pleasure and fun, but it doesn’t mean that we exclude people who aren’t interested in sexual interaction per se. Asexual people are more interested in emotional, spiritual and romantic connection to their partners – and we’re here for that too! We took our time to discover what asexuality is and included a whole block of games targeted for this category of people – and we can say that anyone can benefit from it to make their relationship better.

2️⃣ People in long-distance relationships. We know that the world is complicated and it’s always great to have your partner by your side, but the world doesn’t always work like that. So it’s important for us to give options for people who are not physically close to their partners, but they still want to maintain the spark and connection.

3️⃣ Non-binary couples. For most of time in sextech relationships were considered heteronormative. But here at Quinky we welcome LGBTQIA+ couples (and not only couples, people in polyamorous relationships are also welcome!). It’s very important for us that people who read and follow us can find options for themselves in our content.

Stay tuned for more updates on sex-positive, fun and educational content!
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