why do people invest in sextech?

Sex is the universal commodity. And while still being tabooed, the industry of sextech is slowly but steadily coming out of the shadows and starting to shine – and the investments are following suit. In 2022 the sextech market is estimated at $30 bn and it is expected to grow to $120 bn by 2026. Thus, more people are tapping into it and investing.

Here we’ve put together 5 reasons on why investing in sextech now is a great idea.

1. The market is still growing. Female pleasure has been overlooked and neglected for decades (even in scientific research) – but now the tables have turned, and women are getting their pleasure back. In USA alone women hold over 60% of all purchasing power – and they are more than willing to buy products that will make their intimate lives better. And sextech is a broad industry that includes wellness and health too, so there is a plethora of products to be offered for this target audience.

2. Sextech is all about technology. During the pandemic most people have been forced to stay inside, and millions have been separated from their partners physically – hence, the whopping 90 percent growth of teledildonics alone in 2020. From texting and exchanging pics online to menstrual calendars, from 3D-printed sex toys to AI-powered algorithms on dating apps – the sex industry is a great place for cutting-edge technology.

3. Sextech becomes commercialized. Large chain stores like Walmart and Walgreens start selling portable sex toys next to groceries. Little by little the stigma comes off and technology goes mainstream — which means more accessibility and faster return of investments.

4. Security. Sextech is the literal definition of sensitive data and content so startups have to attract the strongest teams in cybersecurity and evolve fast to ensure their customers are protected. Hence, new solutions, stronger teams and great adaptability.

5. Personal involvement and mission. While the majority of investments into sextech come from venture funds, some angel investors take the mission to educate people and make their intimate lives better personally and invest into such projects. For instance, Lina Wenner, principal at firstminute Capital, a $100M UK-based seed fund backed by 30 unicorn founders, sees that trend only growing.

“We’re particularly excited by the younger, more … liberated Gen Z gaining share of wallet and opening up the conversation around intimacy,” she says. “Over the next few years, we’ll continue to see an increasing democratization and growing social acceptance of — particularly female — pleasure. If we can speed this up by investing into the right teams, that would be a great outcome for us.”

And that’s what we’re here for at Quinky. Stay tuned for more updates and overviews of trends in our next posts!
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