overcoming dating app fatigue: 5 steps towards a healthier and happier experience

In our last post we told you about how people become tired of dating apps and how constant swiping can do more harm than good in the long run. But we are not here to look for problems, but for solutions, so here are some useful tips on how to overcome the infamous dating app fatigue:

Set a time limit for app use

  1. Dating apps can be time-consuming. Swiping people, matching and starting conversations all takes time. So if you want the experience to be more pleasurable, set a time limit. We suggest 30 minutes a day, so the apps don’t get in the way of your work day and don’t stretch out your screen time. And if you really like someone – take them to a dialogue in your favorite messenger/social media.

Limit the amount of open dialogues

Talking to several people at one time can be thrilling, but it does make your attention wonder. So, if you want to avoid having pointless conversations and introducing yourself 10 times a day, limit the amount of people you’re talking to and make each dialogue count

Manage your expectations

Are you looking for a hookup or for something long-term? Check what your matches are looking for and check if you’re OK with that. This helps avoid frustration when your initial expectations do not align.

Don’t talk to someone you wouldn’t talk to in real life

Dating apps are great for meeting people outside of your social circle but stretching your preferences too far can lead to unpleasant experiences.

Take breaks from time to time

Dating should make your life more exciting and pleasurable, not stressful and anxious. If you feel pressured, take a break for a few days and get a dopamine kick out of your real life. Then, when you feel ready, come back to dating with a fresh attitude!

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