Rue from ‘Euphoria’
Rue has had a complicated relationship with her sexuality, struggling with compulsory heterosexuality. She experienced uncomfortable sexual situations with boys when she was younger (such as being "emotionally coerced" in to a blowjob) before realizing that she is a lesbian.

But despite her distant and apathetic front, she is shown to be very empathetic and caring for those around her. This is brought out especially in her relationships with her little sister, close friends and Jules, where she often puts herself in complex or dangerous situations to look out for. And despite arguing with her mother often, she also cares for her deeply (as does her mother to Rue).
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In reality, the human sexuality is not limited to the letters in the LGBTQIA+ acronym – there are over 35 sexualities, and the list is expanding. Want to see where you’re at on the spectrum? Download the list here!