what makes a good sex app into a great one

What makes a good sex app into a great one? We’ve looked at different ways apps are created and found the features that we think make them successful. We’re taking notes before our lunch (that’s in April), and for now here are our main takeaways:

Content consistency

  1. Most successful therapy-based apps are created with a board of certified professionals (we have our experts too) so that the content suggested for users is safe and effective. However, the challenge with it is – this kind of content is difficult and expensive to produce and keep consistent across the life span of a user within the app. However, this is definitely an investment to make in case you want your users to stay.

Personalization of content

  1. Every person comes to an app to solve a problem – and no one has time to scroll through irrelevant information. So, the best way to retain users is to personalize the content they’re receiving to make the app experience swift, pleasurable and useful.


The Internet and mobile apps have got us all hooked on dopamine – so, when we’re coming into an app, we expect to be rewarded for our time and entertained. So, each visit to the app should be accompanied by positive emotions – because that’s also what good s@x and great relationships are about.

Great design

Everything we see now in the mobile app era is designed by professionals, so even if you’re not a pro in graphic design, you can tell a good design apart from a bad one. Also, if you install something on your phone, you will see it every day while scrolling through the menu – so it doesn’t hurt if it looks good!

Swift technical operation

Goes without saying that an app that crashes just isn’t sexy. So, here’s to our heroes – our tech team working hard so this doesn’t happen with Quinky.
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