what’s wrong with sex ed for Gen Z?

The most controversial of all generations, Gen Z is claimed to have less sex than any other generation before them. While that’s not completely true (and we spoke about it earlier in this post), it is a fact that Gen Z are interested in sex but they are more thoughtful about it (which isn’t a bad thing at all!). And it’s not a surprise that the generation who grew up with a smartphone in their hands, will be very critical about the quality of sex education that they receive. And they are.

What’s wrong with sex ed?

A discount aggregator for students, Student Beans, has conducted a study on how Gen Z feel about the sexual education they receive and the results are not optimistic. After asking over 1400 students in the US Student Bean found out that:

41% of Gen Z did not feel represented in the sex education they received at school (32% did, 27% were indifferent).
Young people also did not feel represented in porn (46%), tv shows and movies (42%), and in dating advice in the media (32%).

Well, ouch. A whopping 87% of the respondents did not feel represented in the education they received. Specifically, these groups of people felt underrepresented:

The LGBTQIA+ community. They claimed that not sufficient information on same gender sex was available (and we at Quinky think it’s a shame);

People with disabilities. Only 12% of people with any form of disability felt like they could relate to the sex ed they received at school;

Asexuals and graysexuals, the most invisible group of all – only 8% of them felt visible in the study materials.

The most concerning thing about the research was that most respondents (65% to be exact) felt insecure about setting boundaries with their partner(s) and communicating about consent, which could lead to unsatisfying, unfulfiling sex. And that’s definitely not what we’re here for! We at Quinky believe that sex education should be these three things:

- Inclusive;
- Science-based;
- Entertaining.

And that’s what we’re here to work on! While most people ages 18-24 who are disappointed in the sex education they received turn to social media for advice, Quinky is here to build a platform for everyone to have a go-to place for advice and tips. So, stay tuned for new updates!
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